Centrifuge model UNIVERSAL 320/320 R: the multitalented centrifuges save space and costs.

There are many good reasons for calling these centrifuges UNIVERSAL. Their excellent performance and comprehensive range of accessories enable them to carry out virtually any centrifuging task. And, since the UNIVERSAL 320 / 320 R can be used for both standard and special applications, they are not only cost-effective, they also save valuable space in the laboratory.

Features of the UNIVERSAL 320/320 R
Max. capacity 4 x 100 ml / 32 x 15 ml
Max. RPM (speed) 15000 min-1
Max. RCF 21,382
Running time 1 sec – 99 min : 59 sec, continuous run, short cycle mode

The following rotors are available for the UNIVERSAL 320/320 R:

Of course, for the a.m. rotors there are adapters for all different tubes sizes available.


Download the brochure about the UNIVERSAL 320 which is available through IRMECO.
Download brochure (PDF, 6920 KB)