IRMECO combines high-quality products with excellent service to each and every customer. Our customized concept will surely meet your specific requirements. 30 years experience in the field of laboratory- and medical technology enables us to provide professional support at a competitive price level. Competence, Reliability, Quality, Service – this is our recipe for your success.

IRMECO is committed to offer solutions for the unique needs our customers. Based on our extensive know-how in the field of laboratory- and medical technology we always supply cost-benefit optimised solutions. Our solution is to provide the full range products to our customers - combined with planning, consulting, commissioning, maintenance and service - you get the whole spectrum of services out of one hand.

IRMECO is committed to serve the communities where we do business. We focus on offering products & services that contribute to establish a high quality of living – for current and future generations. IRMECO is aware of its social responsibilities. This includes environmental protection and sustainability which are both firmly anchored in our corporate guidelines.

Water Analysis

As you look to the future of water analysis, you look for solutions that give you smarter results. We offer you the complete range of HACH Spectrophotometers, Lab Turbidimeters, TOC Analyzer, Titrators, etc.

Milling & Sieving solutions

Products from Retsch are used in science and industry for preparing samples for a wide range of analytical methods as well as for particle size analysis in the context of production control and quality monitoring.

Kjeldahl Analysis Solution

The VELP Kjeldahl analysis solution for Food & Feed analysis is a top-selling product. A complete system consists of a Digester, Pump, Scrubber, and Distillation Unit (with titration).

Bottle-top Dispensers

The Dispensette S® bottle-top dispenser has proven itself the world over with its wide range of applications. It has been continuously improved to meet the increasing demands of the laboratory.

Universal 320/320 R

There are many good reasons for calling these centrifuges UNIVERSAL. For example, the HETTICH multitalented centrifuges save space and costs.

IRMECO brand products

The following high-quality product lines are offered under IRMECO brand:

  • Air Dryer
  • Fume Cupboards
  • Microscopes
  • Viscometers
  • Thermostatic Cabinets
  • Oven, Incubators, Climatic Chambers

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